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A lot has changed in live-action roleplaying and re-enactment since the 1990s, when most costumes and kits were crudely homemade, and foam weapons were constructed from bamboo sticks, foam sleeping pads, and duct tape. Fast-forward to today, where we offer a variety of products from foam, metal, leather and textile.


Generally, most live-action role-playing foam weapons have a core enclosed in shock-absorbent padding and often covered in a thin protective layer. Our design approach is no exception to this, but subtle design features and a fine-tuned material combination have large implications for overall quality and enjoyment. Our foam weapons comprise flexible core and coreless constructions with padding compositions based on either closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), polyurethane (PU) or a hybrid between the two. Finally, some of our weapon products (and tent accessories) also offer compact constructions, saving crucial space when travelling between events.



Our EVA-based weapons are fully padded with a special closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), known as Epic Foam, that we have carefully developed and improved since the company was established in 2007. This foam is used for both blade and grip, and it is covered with a thick layer of pigmented latex and coated with silicone. Our Epic Armoury Classic line comprises an EVA-based construction, where the foam is initially combined as blocks before being cut into a specific shape.


Our PU-based weapon products are comprised of weapons with padding constructed entirely of polyurethane (PU), which offers a higher weight, level of durability, and aesthetic detail. The solid structure of this type of padding has no latex or silicone cover and is thus extremely persistent with minimal need for maintenance. Our Epic Armoury Vanguard line comprises this kind of padding construction. Still, examples of coreless Epic Armoury products, such as the Woodsman Knife, Stone Knife or Black Shuriken, are also entirely moulded from PU.


Our hybrid weapons combine the soft and lightweight qualities of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and the detail-rich and sturdy qualities of polyurethane (PU). Epic Armoury Hybrid, Stronghold and Stronghold Master Collection all comprise a hybrid construction, although their specifics differ: The EVA-foam applied in the blades of Stronghold and Stronghold Master Collection are not block-carved but injection-moulded which allows a even and extremely lightweight composition, with a smooth surface texture and no need for latex covering. In addition, the Stronghold Master Collection offers a weighted handle for better weapon control by balancing the weight towards the grip. Epic Armoury Hybrid products combine the block-carved EVA-based blade, known from Epic Armoury Classic products, with the PU-based grip, similar to those in Epic Armoury Vanguard, Stronghold and Stronghold Master Collection. Some Epic Armoury Hybrid products are also available with curved cores.


Most of our foam weapons feature a robust, flexible core, which acts as the backbone, ensuring the weapon’s overall structural integrity. Our weapon cores are meticulously crafted from top-grade glass fibre, renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to fracture and deformation. Depending on the product type and brand, we offer a variety of five different core shapes for our weapons:

  1. Round Core: The round glass fibre cores, a timeless design, have been a steadfast choice for decades. They are the go-to for most Epic Armoury, Dark Moon, Ready for Battle and Stronghold melee weapons, offering a careful balance between strength and flexibility. Examples of weapons with round cores include the Wood Elf Dagger, Warlord Sword and Soldier Halberd.

  2. Oval Core: These cores are applied in weapons aiming for a higher technical precision due to uneven distribution of resistance under kinetic pressure. The products in the Stronghold Master Collection feature this technology. Examples of weapons with oval cores are the Arming Sword, Dreki Sword and Marauder Sword.

  3. Flat Core: These cores aren’t often applied, but they have a stabilising effect on the overall structural integrity of smaller melee weapons. A good example is our Ranger Knife, available in both a flat-cored and coreless version, depending on whether it is meant as a close-range melee weapon or a throwing weapon.

  4. Tube Core: Unlike our other core types, the tube cores are made of PU rather than glass fibre, and are applied to foam weapons with a decentralised weight distribution, where added weight and increased flexibility are required. Although tube cores aren’t strictly solid, they are filled with high-density rubber granules to ensure a more stable swing. Examples of weapons with tube cores are the Woodsman Throwing Axe and Hirdsman Throwing Axe.

  5. Curved Core: First released in 2022, these are essentially round, solid glass fibre cores that have been reshaped with advanced techniques to maintain the same structural integrity as straight, round cores. Examples of weapons with curved cores are the Curved Sabre, Cavalry Sabre and Falchion.


Although most of our foam weapons feature a solid glass fibre core, our throwing weapons are the exceptions to this rule, as the added weight can pose a safety risk. For this reason, our coreless thrown weapons are usually significantly smaller than our cored melee weapons. Examples of coreless weapons are the Franciscan, Assassin Unity Knives and Hand Bomb.


We acknowledge that a cumbersome challenge to venturing forth lies in logistics. A single sword may have a lightweight quality, but armour, tents, equipment and camp supplies – especially that king-sized keg of dwarven mead! – will all add up to a bulky and weighty ordeal. To ensure that you can bring a spear on the back of a jet-driven dragon or that your adventuring party can load an epic canvas tent into your mana-maneuvrable carriage, we have designed a range of products to be conveniently compact on the road. Most of these products are foam weapons that can be disassembled with an M12 screw thread, such as the Eventide Spear, Long Battle Scythe or Double-Headed Chaos Axe, or with an M10 screw thread, such as the Heroic Laser Sword or Villainous Laser Sword. Note that we strongly encourage these weapons only to be used when securely assembled! Last but not least, we also offer tent wall poles, centre poles, and ridge poles in a compact version, allowing your tent to be transported in a regular-sized trunk.


Our metal products mainly consist of various styles of body armour, such as helmets, pauldrons, cuirasses, vambraces, gauntlets, belt shields and greaves. Each metal product design is hammered and shaped by hand from mild steel. Most of our armour products are designed as costume pieces with a hardness of gauge 19 and therefore do not comply with existing armour protection standards. Examples of metal products are the Alaric Chainmail Hood, Renegade Complete Feminine Armour Set, Renegade Complete Masculine Armour Set, and the Marauder Complete Armour Set.


Our leather products cover armour, bags, belts, boots, scabbards and quivers. To ensure that these products are safe to use with regular skin contact, we carefully comply with regulations regarding the maximum content of hexavalent chrome, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury and selenium in materials that may come in contact with skin. Examples of leather products are the Shadow Complete Armour Set, Ranger Complete Armour Set and Woodsman Complete Armour Set.


Our textile products cover dresses, pants, shirts, tabards, tunics, leg wraps, capes and gambesons. Many of our products consist of 100% cotton, but we also offer a wide variety of products made from various blends between cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, satin and velvet. To ensure the quality of our apparel, we apply the following five-step in-house check approach to all textile designs:

  1. A size check: All product designs are tested to see if the different sizes match the wanted fit and look.
  2. A wash check: All product designs are washed at 30 °C to check for discolouration.
  3. A stitching quality check: All seams on the product designs are carefully checked for thread quality, stitching finish and matching colour to the fabric.
  4. A fabric quality test: All product designs are checked to ensure the correct weight, feel and appearance for design, composition and expression.

Examples of textile products are the Imperial Gambeson, Ignis Pants, Aramis Cape, Estrid Dress and Lucrezia Dress.