We're thrilled to announce that Iron Fortress is expanding its logistical capabilities with a new warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, which we aim to have fully operational by June 2024. This strategic move will enhance our service quality and ensure faster, more efficient delivery to support your sales efforts and our fans.
We understand the importance of keeping our resellers informed well in advance despite the operational launch in June 2024 still being some time away. We aim to ensure you are well-prepared and can maximise the benefits of purchasing the Iron Fortress products within the USA. Our commitment to equipping you with the necessary tools and information for success is unwavering. As a treasured partner of Iron Fortress, your growth fuels ours, and together, we aim to build a more robust market presence.




We present new scabbards! Adjustable, ambidextrous, in various lengths, in faux-leather and in split-leather. These scabbards can all accomodate swords of up to 7cm wide and come in severaæ lengths for short, bastard and long swords.

Find the different designs here.



The warehouse is uncharacteristically dormant while all Ironfolk are home commemorating events of the waning year and celebrating the coming of a new year. Twenty-twenty-three was quite a journey! We launched a substantial range of new products, presented our first full design collection, hosted the Epic Armoury Gathering and maintained a presence at several major events throughout Europe. Several other projects of epic proportions are planned for twenty-twenty-four, and it falls to us – esteemed suppliers and resellers – to ensure that our adventurers are well-equipped for whatever awaits on the horizon. Happy New Year!



The Iron Fortress will be closed between Christmas and New Years, as well as the first week of January for inventory counting. We are still open for orders (orders placed in this period will be packed from January 8th).

As the year comes to an end, we embrace the festive season to thank those who matter most to us; our epic customers. Every year, we curate special Christmas gift boxes for our most loyal retailers, a small token to express our immense gratitude for your trust and partnership throughout the past year.

René, our CEO, personally prepares these gift boxes to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas. A rare glimpse into the care and attention we put into every detail, ensuring that our appreciation is not just said, but also shown.

We're looking forward to the new year with anticipation and excitement. We have big plans for 2024, and we can't wait to share more about it!

Thank you for being a part of the Iron Fortress family. We are excited to continue this adventure with you.

All the Iron Folk wish you a joyous holiday season!



Winter is underway and the twinkling Christmas lights are up at the Iron Fortress. After the whirlwinds of the Vanguard launch, we have settled down in our cosy offices for some whimsical “Yule Nisse” (Christmas Gnome/Elf) mischief. Share our merry mood and order the Gnome Hats here. For children and adults, available in Emperor Red, Ranger Green and Charcoal Grey.



This Holiday season, we are releasing our new Vanguard collection. These weapons are crafted to provide our customers with a new, affordable, maintenance-free weapon. Not only that, but the full polyurethane foam blade and the hilts you know from the Stronghold line give you a durable weapon with no need for silicone. It is a weighty weapon with greater heft than our other ranges; one well-suited for show fighting and able to withstand the hardships of LARP combat.

The Vanguard line is priced to be competitive, and we believe that these weapons are a great option for the price.

You can order Vanguard now to have it in stock and ready for your customers on the launch date. Please note that the official release date is the 1st of December, and we kindly ask that you wait to sell them until then.

Orders for resellers are now open.