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Do we provide our resellers with discounts? Of course, we do! Inspired by the mighty chromatic and metallic dragons of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game, we have named our discount tier from dragon types, ranging from the non-discounted place-holding Grey Dragon to the mythical maximum-discounted Titanium Dragon — and they scale well!


Each tier offers a varied discount, and while the discount system at first glance may seem complex, here is what you need to know:

  1. All our products are divided into either the Base Discount (BD) or one of the alternate discount categories.
  2. There are nineteen alternative product categories with different names:
    • The categories beginning with "M" indicate the category's maximum possible discount.
    • The categories beginning with "G" indicate a generic, fixed discount rate for all active dragon discount tiers.
    • The "EA-T" category pertains to our Epic Armoury textile products, and the "RFB" category relates to our Ready for Battle products.
  3. The alternate product category discounts always overrule the base discount, even if the discount is lower. For example, a Black Dragon has a base discount of thirty percent, but still will only receive a twenty percent discount on a product in the "M20" category.
  4. You can look up the alternate discount groups for specific products by browsing our latest Product List. The specific products, also called stock-keeping units (SKU), are listed in column A, and the item discount groups are listed in column D.
  5. The discounts are assigned and annually evaluated by several factors, such as business type — where brick-and-mortar stores rank the highest — your business location, the number of resellers present in your local area, the degree of your community-building activities, social media activity, you payment history, annual order volume and our general business relation.

The Dragon Discounts only apply to our resellers. If you are not yet a reseller but find the prospect intriguing, go to our Reseller Portal to begin your journey. Adventure awaits!