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We offer a wide range of brands catering to different styles of role-playing and play-acting. Our selection includes both our own brands – Epic Armoury, Stronghold, Darkmoon, Ready for Battle, Light Kit, and Epic Effec.

With a rich history dating back to its establishment, Epic Armoury has become a household name in the global live-action role-playing (LARP) community. Many full costumes and kits can be assembled from Epic Armoury products, featuring armour, apparel, equipment made from metal, leather and textile, and our renowned foam-based weapons. These weapons, the heart of this brand, are categorised into three sub-brands, each with unique appeal and features.

Epic Armoury Classic: Our first foam weapons, developed in 2007, comprise a round-core EVA-based construction. Although the other sub-brands offer swords with other technical qualities, all Epic Armoury polearms, blunt weapons, throwing weapons, and shields are part of the Classic line. The Elven Blade, Fleur Mace, Footman Tower Shield, and Wooden Staff are notable examples.

Epic Armoury Hybrid: This product line was introduced in 2016 and marked our first undertaking of foam weapons with a round-core hybrid construction. The swords combine the blade construction from Epic Armoury Classic with richly detailed PU handles, which offer improved aesthetics and technical manoeuvrability. The Duelist Sword, Celtic Leaf Sword and Battleworn Footman Sword are notable examples. This line was also the first to feature weapon models with a curved-core construction, such as the Curved Cutlass, Curved Elven Sword and Curved Falchion.

Epic Armoury Vanguard: Unveiled in 2023, our Vanguard line is our sole collection of long swords with a round-core PU-based construction. The material choice has made them popular with players who desire the added weight for a more realistic feel. Despite the inherent tradeoffs in design choices, Epic Armoury Vanguard products stand out for their exceptional toughness and durability, requiring minimal maintenance. Notable examples are the Ranger Sword, Hirdsman Sword and Rillet Rapier.

Our Stronghold products comprise sophisticated melee foam weapons with a round-core hybrid construction that differs from Epic Armoury Hybrid by featuring blades constructed from round cores, padded with Epic Foam — an extremely ligh-weight and highly piercing resistant EVA foam. Notable examples are the Valour Sword, Cavalier Sword and Elven Hunter Blade.

Stronghold Master Collection: Some Stronghold weapons are also available in a deluxe version which comprise an oval core padded with brushed Epic Foam, which provides a phenomenal transmission of kinetic energy and a weighted handle for significantly improved weapon control. In our opinion the Stronghold Master Collection feature the safest foam weapons on the market, cherished worldwide by seasoned live-action role-playing connaisseur. Sample products include the Bastard Sword, Marauder Sword and Highborne Sword.

While Epic Armoury adheres to fantasy-based or medieval-inspired adventures, our Dark Moon weapons feature creative and improvised weapons for modern, futuristic, and post-apocalyptic settings. To a large extent, the products are designed with the same technical standards as Epic Armoury products. Examples are EVA-based products, such as the Chainsword; PU-based products, such as the Tactical Throwing Knife; and hybrid-based compact products, such as the Villainous Laser Sword.

Ready for Battle is a fantasy-based and medieval-inspired collection of live-action role-playing products designed for novice roleplayers, including textile, leather, metal and foam products. The range is, by default, inspired by Epic Armoury products but does, to a larger extent, focus on plain designs and affordability due to mass production and choice of materials. Examples include the RFB Viking Leather Armour, the RFB Breastplate, the RFB Tunic, the RFB Gambeson and the RFB Errant Sword.

While armour made from iron and steel offers vital protection in melee combat, the disadvantages are cumbersome weight, inflexibility and a need for constant maintenance to protect against rust, wear and tear. Light Kit is our range of maintenance-free armourware made from polyethylene (PE), which resembles authentic metal but with a quarter of the corresponding weight. Each piece is hand-painted with a durable acrylic finish that meets the industry standards for high performance. Examples include the Mercenary Armour Set, the Palace Guard Armour Set and the Spartan Armour Set.

Epic Effect is a range of makeup and prosthetics designed especially for various forms of play-acting. Our water-based colours provide a full coverage makeup, which becomes very durable when combined with our setting spray. Our masks and prosthetics are made from natural latex. Each mask is hand-painted, realistically detailed, and has wide eye holes for improved vision. Our contact lenses are made from flexible and water-absorbent polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate (pHEMA) hydrogel with a standard 14,5 mm diameter and are available in various colours. Thus, the Epic Effect products complement the apparel and equipment, allowing the character to appear vibrant in settings with magic, mechanics, monsters, and different humanoid species.