As a web developer at Iron Fortress, you will work with the company's complete IT solution. Your primary responsibility will be further developing and maintaining our websites, which form the basis for sales to dealers and consumers worldwide. This includes developing new functionalities and optimising existing websites, including user experience and design.

As a web developer at Iron Fortress, you have great flexibility regarding working hours and remote work. You will influence the product and become part of a skilled team with the opportunity to learn new technologies across and outside your team. You will have unique resources available in the form of experienced graphic designers. You will work closely with the team data manager, purchaser, and our CTO, who will provide designated coaching during your onboarding process. We prioritise a calm and thorough onboarding process to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your role.

We use message queues for all integrations and work according to applying the best-suited tool for a given task. This means that each system is responsible for a functional area and its data, giving us the freedom and flexibility to change or replace systems and quickly add new tools.

We expect you to have experience with the following:

• C# and MVC
• CSS and Flexbox.
• Vanilla JavaScript
• JavaScript libraries such as vue.js, angular or similar.

It is an advantage if you have experience with the following:

• Ucommerce
• Umbraco development
• Azure
• UX and optimisation of conversion.

The technology stack consists of, but is not limited to:

• C# MVC (Razor views)
• Dotnet framework
• Umbraco V8
• Vanilla JS
• Vue.JS
• Scss/Sass - Picnic CSS + custom css.
• Azure Service Bus
• Azure Functions
• Windows Services
• Business Central
• Pimcore (PHP)
• TeamCity + Octopus.

Iron Fortress aims to further develop our international e-commerce platform with high performance and availability. The platform has been online since January 2022 and consists of three websites.

Iron Fortress is an international, Danish-owned, and well-founded company that is a leader in the design, production and sale of film, theatre and role-playing products, whereas Epic Armoury is the flagship brand.

Design, web and product development, sales and logistics operations are based out of our headquarters in Brøndby, Copenhagen, while most of our production is done in cooperation with our international partners.

The IF team comprises content creators, product developers, IT specialists and sales and logistics employees. An essential characteristic of our company is that the staff utilise their individual differences into a united team effort.

Please send your application and CV by e-mail to job@ironfortress.com, labelled: Web developer. Job interviews are conducted until we have found the best-suited candidate.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Emil Lynge on tel.: +45 42434935 on weekdays between 8am and 2pm.