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Iron Fortress accepts returns or issues credit notes for defective products up to one year after purchase. If you encounter a defective product, please take the following steps:

  1. Download the Iron Fortress Defective Products Registration Sheet.
  2. Enter the information in the sheet, save it, and return it to info@ironfortress.com along with pictures of the defective products.
  3. Name the "Subject" in the email "Defective Products – Reseller Company Name."

Upon reviewing your claim, Iron Fortress may instruct the reseller to destroy the defective product and provide photographic evidence before issuing a credit note. Alternatively, Iron Fortress may request that the reseller send the product back at their own expense.

When returning items to Iron Fortress, please include the following information in writing with your return package:

  1. The name of the Iron Fortress employee who authorized the return.
  2. The reason for the return.
  3. The invoice number under which the item was sold.
  4. The product code number(s) of the item(s).
  5. The quantity of items included in the return.