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Dear Customer. Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in Epic Armory in these uncertain times. We are continuously monitoring the development and circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and how it can affect our service to you.

Our website is still open for business and despite the recent border closures in many countries, we are still able to make shipments to our customers, with the exception of those places where we may not be able to deliver due to extraordinary government restrictions. Border closures create queues, but transport of goods is still moving.

We assume that all dealers who place an order with us do so, well knowing the current transport conditions, and want to receive their order as soon as possible. Therefore: Received orders on this website will be picked, packed and invoice will be issued as normal for prepayment. Ones we have your payment, we will prepare shipment to your address. Normal terms apply.

If forwarding restrictions has been issued in your area, your parcel will go into “On hold status”. Once forwarding restrictions has been lifted, shipping to your address commence immediately.

As the situation continues to change daily, we will continue to keep you updated here on our website.

Countries affected by extraordinary government restrictions at this time are:

Italy/Postal Codes: 04022, 40059, 64030 - 64031, 64033 - 64035, 65010, 83031, 84030, 84035 - 84036, 86016, 87038, 87054, 87056, 89064, 91018, 94011

Spain/Postal Codes: 08700, 08710, 08711, 08712, 08788

France/Postal Codes: 07000 -07099, 07110 – 07999, 26110 – 26190, 26217 – 26900

Austria/Postal Codes: 5542, 5611 – 5612, 5630, 5632, 5645, 6553, 6555, 6561, 6563, 6580, 6754, 6762 – 6763, 6767, 6888, 9844

China / Postal Codes: Wuhan 430000 - 448279

India / Postal Codes: 110000 - 349999, 350000-399999, 400000-499999, 700000-859999

Our thoughts go out to all those whose everyday lives are affected by this virus and wish you and your family’s all the best.


Latest update: 25th March 2020. Time: 1:25 PM GMT+1

Order and Delivery

( Same as Terms pt. 3. Order and Delivery )

1. Transport and risk of loss

The products will be shipped according to the latest Incoterms 2000, Ex Works, and the risk of loss transfers to the retailer upon delivery of the products to the carrier.

2. Opening order and reorders

The minimum requirement to make an initial opening order is 250 Euros. Reorders under 250 Euro will incur a surcharge of an additional 25 Euro. (200,-dkr for Danish retailers)

3. Orders

Every online order is always treated as a single order.

4. Invoice

After placing an online order, the invoice will be emailed to the retailer before the order is shipped. It is the retailer’s responsibility to check the invoice against the order.

5. Backorders

Iron Fortress will register the retailer's orders for sold out items, i.e. backorders. When making a new order, the backorder will be included on the next invoice if Iron Fortress has received supplies of the backordered products by that time. Backorders are binding unless the retailer ticks the “No Backorder” box when confirming the online order.

6. Dispatch

The estimated dispatch time is within 1 business day after receiving payment confirmation. Iron Fortress cannotstate a time of arrival of the order at the retailer’s address as Iron Fortress cannot vouch for the local delivery services.

7. Delivery and transport

Iron Fortress will use a shipping company assigned by Iron Fortress, unless the retailer states otherwise. All shipments from Iron Fortress are handled by internationally recognized freight companies, but the companies used may change from time to time. Delivery is made to the shipping address specified by the retailer.

8. Insurance

Shipments will not be insured unless the retailer contacts Iron Fortress specifying and paying for the insurance needed for shipments to a specific address.

9. Drop-ship

Iron Fortress does not offer a drop ship service.

All prices are without 25 % vat

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