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February 2020

General Terms

By placing an order, the retailer is deemed to have read and accepted the following terms and conditions, which are always available at

1. Receipt of Order and Formalization of Agreement

1.1. Order Procedure

Immediately before final confirmation of the order online, the retailer will see the total amount of the order on Before final confirmation of the order, the retailer will have the opportunity to correct any errors or mistakes. Shortly after confirmation of the order, the retailer will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address stated by the retailer during the ordering process, which serves as confirmation of the order. The email contains order information confirmed by the retailer including a temporary order number, name and address, delivery address, and summary of ordered products.

Iron Fortress requires payment in full before shipping out orders.

Before the order is shipped, Iron Fortress ApS (hereinafter "Iron Fortress") will send an invoice by email. VAT is added to all orders placed by Danish retailers. Additionally, VAT is added to orders placed by retailers within the EU, which do not have a
valid VAT number.

The final agreement between the retailer and Iron Fortress is considered binding when Iron Fortress has confirmed the order placed by the retailer, by emailing an invoice. The retailer is responsible for checking the invoice. If any information, in the retailer’s opinion, does not correspond with the order placed, the retailer is encouraged to save and print the order confirmation for later documentation, if needed.

1.2. Retailer information

The retailer is responsible for and holds all risks associated with the correctness of the information entered about the retailer. Iron Fortress does not validate nor check this information before every order. If the retailer's VAT number becomes inactive and Iron Fortress is not informed accordingly before the relevant order, then the VAT will be invoiced separately once Iron Fortress is informed of the inactive VAT number via the Danish tax authorities or otherwise.

1.3. Invoice

In addition to the emailed invoice, Iron Fortress will include a printed delivery note in the order package when the order is shipped.

1.4. Changing closed and packed orders

If the retailer wishes to change a closed or already packed order, Iron Fortress will charge an extra 35 Euro handling fee.

1.5. Missing or withholding payment of invoice

Resellers are obliged to pay the order invoice immediately upon receiving the invoice via email which Iron Fortress considers to be the first reminder. In case of:

a.       If the order has not been paid within a business week, Iron Fortress will send a 2nd reminder by email.

b.       If the order has not been paid for within two business weeks, the order will be considered cancelled and the reseller will receive a handling fee of 35 Euro + 10% of the total order value on separate invoice, which must be paid before another order can be placed with Iron Fortress.

1.6. Return policy for defective products

Iron Fortress only accepts returns for defective products. To return defective products, first contact Iron Fortress via email, phone +45 6591 9702 or Skype. Iron Fortress will ask for photos to evaluate the alleged defect. If Iron Fortress accepts the defect, then Iron Fortress may ask the retailer to break the product and send photos of the broken product before issuing a credit note. Otherwise Iron Fortress will ask the retailer to ship the product(s) back at own cost. When items are returned to Iron Fortress for any reason, the following information must be disclosed, in writing and included in the return package:

The name of the Iron Fortress employee who has approved the return

b.    Reason for the return

c.     Invoice number on which the item was invoiced from Iron Fortress

d.    The item product code number(s)

e.    The number of items that are included in the returned shipment/package.


1.7. Account termination

If the retailer has not placed an order with Iron Fortress within the last 6 months, the retailer's account will be put on hold and only reopened with a new opening order. If the retailer has not placed an order with Iron Fortress within the last 12 months, the retailer's account will be terminated, and all pictures owned by Iron Fortress must be removed from the retailer’s website and catalogues.

2. Prices and Payment


2.1. Prices and Currency

The price applicable is the price stated on the website in connection with the specific product at the time the order is placed. Orders with a delivery address in Denmark will be charged in Danish Kroner (DKK), while all other deliveries will be charged in Euro (EUR).

2.2. Recommended Retail Price.

Iron Fortress has a recommended retail price (RRP) for every product. The RRP is the price we recommend as the end/final price for end-users including all national and local duties. The RRPs for customers in all territories are stated including value added tax (VAT) of 25%. “Your Price” states the retailer’s purchase price without VAT.  The Iron Fortress website shows the current RRP to help retailers set the same or a very similar retail price for the products in their territories.

2.3. Value Added Tax

For delivery outside the EU, the local customs authorities may collect VAT and duty as well as other levy dues. Iron Fortress is neither liable nor responsible for whether or not the local customs authorities collect these taxes, etc. It is the retailer’s own responsibility to pay these taxes and duties, even though these are not specified in the order confirmation or the invoice. Outside the EU, Iron Fortress ships duties unpaid.

2.4. Cost of delivery (shipping cost)

For all orders placed with Iron Fortress under the “Bank Transfer Terms,” the cost of delivery is added to the order to cover the shipping fee. The shipping fee will be calculated after the order has been packed, and only appears on the final invoice and not in the web shop.

2.5. Payment terms

Iron Fortress requires payment in full before shipping out orders.

2.6. Payment by bank transfer

Bank Information
Bank …………… : Sydbank, Hovedvejen 87, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark
IBAN Euro.…. : DE33215106001000561710
DK: 79801121306

2.7. Payment via credit card

Iron Fortress does not accept payment via credit card for business orders.

2.8. Payment via PayPal

Iron Fortress does not accept payment via PayPal for business orders.

2.9. Property rights

Iron Fortress reserves the property right and title to products ordered by the retailer until receiving payment in full.

3. Order and Delivery


3.1. Transport and risk of loss

The products will be shipped according to the latest Incoterms 2000, Ex Works, and the risk of loss transfers to the retailer upon delivery of the products to the carrier.

3.2. Opening order and reorders

The minimum requirement to make an initial opening order is 100 Euros. Reorders under 100 Euro will incur a surcharge of an additional 25 Euro.


3.3. Orders

Iron Fortress reserves the right to treat every order as an individual order and may choose to send them individually or collect separate orders, from the same buyer, to send as one, in order to cut down on shipping expenses. If the retailer wants special attention made towards their order, in terms of shipping or packing they can add these requests as a comment when making the order.

3.4. Invoice

After placing an online order, the invoice will be emailed to the retailer before the order is shipped. It is the retailer’s responsibility to check the invoice against the order.

3.5. Backorders

Iron Fortress will register the retailer's orders for sold out items, i.e. backorders. If the sold-out items are available by the time a new order has been received from the retailer, these items will added to the next delivery and invoices will be sent at the same time.

Backorders are binding unless the retailer requests to have their backorder deleted. To delete a backorder, the retailer must send a mail to with the subject name “Delete backorder” and request for their backorder to be deleted in parts or completely.

Backorders should be considered corrected and/or deleted once the retailer has received a written confirmation via email from Iron Fortress..

3.6. Dispatch

The estimated dispatch time is within 1 business day after receiving payment confirmation. Iron Fortress cannot state a time of arrival of the order at the retailer’s address as Iron Fortress cannot vouch for the local delivery services.

3.7. Delivery and transport

Iron Fortress will use a shipping company assigned by Iron Fortress, unless the retailer states otherwise. All shipments from Iron Fortress are handled by internationally recognized freight companies, but the companies used may change from time to time. Delivery is made to the shipping address specified by the retailer.

3.8. Insurance

Shipments will not be insured unless the retailer contacts Iron Fortress specifying and paying for the insurance needed for shipments to a specific address.

3.9. Drop-ship

Iron Fortress does not offer a drop ship service at this time.

4. Products from Iron Fortress


4.1 General

Iron Fortress' products are mostly handmade and/or hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, the products have natural deviations in patterns, colors and shapes, which are not considered defects or faults.

4.2 Warning labels

For insurance purposes, the retailer may not at any time remove Iron Fortress' warning labels from the products. Iron Fortress will not be responsible for products without hangtags and warning labels.

4.3 Sales Channels for Iron Fortress products

Iron Fortress reserves the right to be the sole distributor of Iron Fortress products sold on third-party sites including, but not limited to E-bay, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Unless explicit written permission is given, Iron Fortress does NOT allow the reselling of Iron Fortress products on third party sites. If retailers do not have an explicit written permission provided by Iron Fortress, Iron Fortress reserves the right to end business relations immediately. If retailers wish to use third-party resale sites as part of their sales strategy, retailers can contact Iron Fortress and ask for permission to sell products on the specified third-party site.

5. Intellectual Property

Iron Fortress is the sole owner of the brands “Epic Armoury,”“Dark Moon,”“Stronghold,”“Epic Effect,”“Zombieløbet,”and the “Ready for Battle”series, including copyrights and trademarks for the designs and names of the products and brand logos.

All content on Iron Fortress' and Epic Armoury's websites, including but not limited to images, artwork, text, audio clips, and video clips, are unless otherwise stated, owned and controlled by Iron Fortress and may not in any way be reproduced, copied, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed. Modifications of the content or unauthorized use of the content for any purpose is a violation of Iron Fortress´legal rights. The use of any Iron Fortress content on any other website or networked computer environment is prohibited unless explicitly authorized. Any permission to use such material must be issued by Iron Fortress in writing to be valid.

These Terms and Conditions authorize retailers that sell Iron Fortress products on their websites to use pictures and other content owned by Iron Fortress on the condition that these retailers have the text below written in their website terms section or on their front page:

All Epic Armoury, Stronghold, Ready For Battle, Epic Effect, and Dark Moon content on this site is owned by and used with the permission of Iron Fortress International.


6. Data Registration

After registration in the “Retailer Inquiry form” the retailer is highly recommended to sign up for the free Epic Armoury retailer newsletter in order to continuously receive important news and other information from Iron Fortress. Please use this link to sign up:

Sign up Newsletter

The retailer may at any time unsubscribe to this service at no charge.

7. Reservation, changes and typographical errors, etc.

Iron Fortress reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time as it sees fit and the retailer's continued use of will signify its acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. The retailer is therefore advised to re-read these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

8. Limited Liability

Iron Fortress is not liable for typographical errors and picture errors, sold-out situations, changes in value added tax and duty rates, and late or defective delivery due to force majeure events.
9. Governing Law and Venue

Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be deemed unlawful and invalid and thus not enforceable, this will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remainder of the Terms and Conditions. Any provision of this agreement held invalid or unenforceable only in part or degree will remain in full force and effect to the extent not held invalid or unenforceable.

All purchases, disputes, and complaints made under or related to these Terms and Conditions are subject to Danish law. Any dispute will be settled at the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court of Law, the “Sø –og Handelsretten,” in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

10. Contact and Bank Information

CEO - René Vendt:


General Questions:


Warehouse Manager:



+45 65 91 97 02



DK 30558758


Iron Fortress
Kornmarksvej 12-14
2605 Brøndby

Bank Information
Bank …………… : Sydbank, Hovedvejen 87, 2600 Glostrup, Denmark
IBAN Euro.…. : DE33215106001000561710
DK: 79801121306


These Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement between the retailer and Iron Fortress.  By placing an order at, the retailer indicates  agreement to and understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


All prices are without vat

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