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Shipping Prices

For countries where the parcels can be driven by truck, the following prices are in effect. If your country is not on the list and you need to know the shipping price beforehand, please contact Our boxes differ in size, but if you purchase a shield and a polarm, it will be two boxes. If you purchase something dense like a chainmail it will not be packed in the same box as foam products and etc.

Territory Starting fee
1-2 boxes
Pr box extra
Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, France 25 12
Switzerland, Norway* 51 15
United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Poland 30 15
Spain, Czech republic, Portugal 40 20
Ireland, Hungary 45 22
Denmark 70kr 35kr
Extra Fees
Each parcel with a side longer than 120 cm 8
Each parcel with a volume larger than 200 liters (L*H*W) 8
*Customs fee have been added to the starting fee

For countries where the parcels have to be send by air, the rates are based on the size or weight of the shipment. Beneath is a table that shows prices for some boxes to some countries, please not . If your country is not on the list, and you need to know the shipping prices please contact

Box Measurement Content Example New Zealand,
Taiwan & Australia
North America
89x31x18 cm can hold 12 pcs 85cm swords 100 61
117x39x49 cm can hold  two-handed hammers, shields and more 244 128
69x41x41 cm can hold up to 30 pieces of normal clothing 157 79
199x27x27 cm can hold a few polearms 206 116

All prices are without vat

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