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Vampire Bite 3D FX Transfers
Vampire Bite 3D FX Transfers
Item no: MW-130009
Your price : LoginRRP: 16,99 EUR
EAN Number:857914003197
Brand:Mask World
Type:3D FX Transfer
Weight:41 grams/1,45 oz
Release Date:20-08-2018

Oscar-winning special FX wounds for your Halloween make-up
One set of Vampire Bite 3D FX Transfers
Super realistic, temporary special FX tattoo in Hollywood quality. Tinsley 3D FX Transfers in all kinds of styles easy to wear, maximum effect!

  • Made in extremely thin and realistic material
  • latex free
  • Designed with large contact surfaces for a more durable and easy fit
  • No glue required for application - only water
  • Extremely slim edges for a perfect blend
  • Realistic colouring
  • Attachable straight from the box following step-by-step instructions in English
  • Single use product

None, it is a single use product. Store in package until application

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