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Round Makeup Sponge
Round Makeup Sponge
Item no: K360108
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EAN Number:5704742003002
Brand:Epic Effect
Weight:10 gram/0.35 oz
Material 1:pHEME
Release Date:01-08-2011

Epic Effects’ Round Makeup Sponge is an effective tool for applying our cake water-based makeup. The 6cm diameter sponge is made from fine-grain, high-quality polyurethane foam and is especially effective with all kinds of water-based cosmetics, but can also be used with cream-based makeup.

Directions for use:

  1. If using with water-based cosmetics, dampen the clean sponge with water
  2. Add cosmetic makeup to the sponge, adding water as needed
  3. Apply makeup to the skin or prosthetic using gentle patting motions for the most even distribution
  4. Clean the sponge thoroughly with mild soap after use.

  • Optimizes your Epic Effects Make-Ups effects
  • Great with water based cosmetics, but can also be used with creams
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Used by professional makeup artists in the theatre and movie industries

Always wash the sponge thoroughly in lukewarm water with mild soap after use. The sponge can be cut into wedge pieces in order to achieve more detailed makeup application.

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