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Ratio Gorget With Shoulders - Brass/Black
Ratio Gorget With Shoulders - Brass/Black
Item no: 80033100
Your price : LoginRRP: 194,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742204256
Brand:Epic Armoury
Type:Shoulder Armour
Colour:Brass / Black
Fittings:Brass Pointed Tie Strings
Weight:2360 grams / 83,25 oz
Shoulders max:41,0
Shoulders min:36,0
Neck Width:17,0
NeckPlate Width:36,0
Front Length:15,0
Back Length:13,0
Up. Arm Length:30,0
Up. Arm Width 1:31,0
Up. Arm Width 2:30,0
Material 1:Galvanised Mild Steel
Release Date:01-06-2015
Size Guide... - Measurements are all in cm if not stated otherwise.
This product can have slight deviations in pattern, colours and shape.

The Ratio was never defeated, and you are a testament to that claim.

A servant of Ratio, you are a Kan soldier of the Army of Doubt. The Mirrorworld is your home, and it is your duty to stand guard on behalf of the Primordial Skeptics--the very beings a Large Host of settlers are seeking to destroy. As the army’s backbone, you will face these enemies on the front lines of battle. They will learn to fear you.


Epic Armoury’s Ratio Gorget and Shoulders are leather spaulders reinforced with brass coloured steel plates designed to provide protection for the throat, shoulders, and upper arms. This armour becomes one piece, with the shoulders and gorget attached together by leather cords. The top-grain leather gorget covers the thorax to the sternum and is designed to conform comfortably on the wearer. The shoulders are composed of spaulders covering the shoulder-joint and upper arms. The shoulder plates are strapped on at the gorget and around the upper arms.

The Ratio Gorget and Shoulders are fully usable with other Epic Armoury metal products, giving you the freedom to customize your character’s costume. Made of 1 mm thick galvanized mild steel and top-grain leather straps and fittings, this armour piece is built to withstand the abuse of a LARP or reenactment with regular leather and metal armour care.

Available in One Size.


  • Used as the uniform of choice for the Ratio, a NPC group of enemies within the ConQuest universe
  • Natives of the “Mirror World,” according to ConQuest lore

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