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Mask Moko
Mask Moko
Item no: 564303
Your price : LoginRRP: 38,00 EUR
EAN Number:5704742008816
Brand:Atelier FantasticArt
Fittings:Adjustable Elastical Band
Weight:83 grams / 2,93 oz
Visor Length:35,0
Visor Width:24,0
Material 1:Latex
Material 2:Full-grain leather
Release Date:12-05-2020


If you are looking for a classic mask for Cosplay, a masked ball or a LARP character, Mask Moko is a great alternative to the cheaper plastic masks that break so easily. Designed by Atelier Fantastic’Art and made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, this masquerade inspired mask is for those who are looking to stand out and disguise their identity at the same time.

Sculpted and hand painted in a dark steel colour with a beautiful intricate spiralling filigree pattern, it appears realistically like metal. The modelling of the eye- and brow area gives the mask a terrific and somewhat mischievous expression like a jester or a harlequin. The mask covers the whole face--including over the chin--with roomy holes around the eyes and nose for comfort and a slit for the mouth allowing you to speak. Fastened at the back with a broad and sturdy elastic band and a bow tie buckle, the size fits all. We suggest styling the mask with one of Epic Armoury’s hoods or hooded robes, for example Robe Benedict, for an extra authentic look!


  • The word ‘moko’ refers to the facial tattooing tradition practised in Eastern Polynesian culture
  • An iconic masquerade mask is the Plague Doctor mask with its beak shaped nose

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  • Thick 100% natural high-quality latex
  • Beautiful attention to detail, with clear and fine lines
  • Excellent fit to the face
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Meant to be reused multiple times while maintaining its appearance
  • This product is handmade and hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, when compared with similar item numbers, this product can have natural deviations in pattern, colour and shape, which are not considered defects or faults.
    We produce our image material in a natural environment, where lighting and surroundings can affect colors and contrast. The displayed images may therefore appear different from the product you receive from us.

    Measurements are all in cm if not stated otherwise.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    After each use, wash the inside of the product with a damp sponge or cloth with a mild detergent to remove the natural oils from your skin. After drying, dust it lightly with baby powder.

    Additionally, this Epic Armory Latex product requires Epic Armory Silicone Spray to help keep the latex flexible and to protect the product against dirt, wear and tear. Spray the silicone directly on your product and work it into the entire surface with a cloth.


    Store the product on a Styrofoam head or stuff it with plastic garbage bags to retain its shape. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

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