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ScareCrow Vampire Fangs - Fright
ScareCrow Vampire Fangs - Fright
Item no: 554413
Your price : LoginRRP: 12,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742009042
Weight:15 grams/0,53 oz
Release Date:18-02-2019

Scarecrow Fright Fangs are a non-customizing, economical version of our Classic Size Fangs. Fright Fangs come with a denture adhesive paper for single use. You can purchase additional denture adhesive at your local pharmacy store. The fang caps are the same size as Classic size, but, please note that the color and finish is not quite as striking, and they don't custom-mold to your teeth.

Fright Fang Instructions

  1. Cut a piece of adhesive by tracing the pattern shown on the reverse of your package.
  2. Fold and insert into fang cap so that the short side is against the back side of cap and poke it down into cavity.
  3. Moisten adhesive with a few drops of water or saliva and push onto top or bottom teeth of your choice. Fang caps are interchangeable for use on top or bottom teeth, left or right side.
  4. Press firmly and hold for 10 seconds.
  5. For mouth blood style place blood capsule between cheek and teeth and bite into capsule to let blood flow.

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