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Tusk Orc - Green - 52-54 cm
Tusk Orc - Green - 52-54 cm
Item no: 51423755
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EAN Number:5704742008892
Brand:Epic Effect
Weight:280 grams / 9,88 oz
Full Height:28,0
Inside Circ:53,0
Material 1:Latex
Release Date:25-06-2020

The carnage, the bloodlust and the smoke and combat, the symphony of death and destruction makes your heart beat and raise your spirits making it as if you can fly. With a raise of the hand you let out a might RAAAAAAUGH and look out towards your bretheren as the green tide, which you are a part of.


Epic Armouryís Tusk orc is a latex face mask designed to look like an green-skinned Orcish warrior.. Made from 100% natural latex, this mask covers the whole face with roomy holes around the eyes for comfort.

The face itself is wide with detailed, wrinkles, impurities and tusks to create a believable orc warrior with an open and move able lower jaw that can simulate mouth movement.. Sculpted and handpainted to look like green skin, wear this mask to appear as a green skinned orc and terrify your foes.

Secure the mask to your face. Customize the maskís appearance with Epic Effects Water-Based Makeup.

This mask best fits children aged 8 to 12


  • Earliest references to orcs are found in Old English and Anglo-Saxon sources, such as in Beowulf and in 16th century Italian folktales
  • The word itself stems from the Latin word Orcus, which was the name given to the Roman deity of the dead
  • J.R.R. Tolkienís 20th century The Lord of the Rings series describes orcs as brutish, aggressive beings with a taste for human flesh
  • Tolkienís writings influenced many role-playing games, and are now seen in such games as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer and Warcraft

  • Thick 100% natural high-quality latex skin
  • Beautiful attention to detail, with clear and fine lines
  • Excellent fit to the face, since the prosthetics are modeled on real people
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Meant to be reused multiple times while maintaining its appearance

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each use, wash the inside of the mask with a damp sponge or cloth with a mild detergent to remove the natural oils from your skin. After drying, dust it lightly with baby powder.

Additionally, this Epic Armory Latex mask requires Epic Armory Silicone Spray to help keep the latex flexible and to protect the mask against dirt, wear and tear. Spray the silicone directly on your mask and work it into the entire surface with a cloth.


Store the mask on a Styrofoam head or stuff it with plastic garbage bags to retain its shape. Do not expose the mask to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.


Avoid the use of all oils and makeup colours that contain any oils. Epic Armoury Water Based Makeup can be used with the mask or on the mask itself. If necessary, carefully adjust the mask by enlarging the holes for eyes, nose and ears with sharp scissors. A small slit ending in a round hole can be cut in the back of the neck to loosen the mask. Never cut into the mask while wearing it. Foam rubber can be glued on the inside with contact glue to make the mask fit better. Let the glue dry completely before use.

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