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Fafnir Wand - White
Fafnir Wand - White
Item no: 431417
Your price : LoginRRP: 24,99 EUR
Brand:Epic Armoury
Weight:34 grams / 1,2 oz
Grip Length:9,0
Handle Circ:6,0
Material 1:Polyurethane foam
Release Date:02-08-2019

The Strongest and Most Aggressive of the Brothers

Epic Armoury’s White Fafnir Wand is a 35cm wand crafted for the hands of the treasure-seeking. Inspired by Nordic legends, this wand has been infused with the personality of greed, reflecting the spells of deceit contained within.

The Fafnir Wand is made from varnished wood and polyurethane foam. The handle itself is a foam cast that slides onto a matching white stick sitting 13cm into the foam sleeve. Your hand should feel comfortable around the foam sleeve’s ergonomic shape, featuring grooves to fit your grip and a golden engraved band. The end of the grip is intricately designed to look like a wooden Norse dragon, its eye a brilliant green gemstone.

About Epic Armoury Wood Core Wands

Epic Armoury Wands are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Requiring little maintenance, these stylish wands are perfect for LARP or cosplay. The polyurethane foam grip is handpainted and highly detailed, fitting perfectly over a varnished wood wand. The wood and the grip can be separated, and can be interchanged between other Epic Armoury wood-core wands. This allows for better customization and the ability to replace a broken tip.


  • Fafnir was an ill-natured and greedy dragon from Norse mythology, guarding his treasure and poisoning the land
  • Many wizards from fantasy fiction, such as in the Harry Potter series, require wands in order to perform their magic
  • Magic Wands within fiction are used as tools for wizards or as powerful magic items of mass destruction

  • Polyurethane handle offers a firm and ergonomic grip with no maintenance
  • Polyurethane is made from a plastic that is durable and also incredibly light
  • Highly detailed and hand painted design
  • Varnished wood wand is detachable from the handle, offering customizability in wand type and length

Polyurethane handle requires no maintenance. Wooden wand shaft should be cleaned after extended use. The oils from your hands can eventually break down the wood’s finish, and extended time in a wet environment can cause stains and warping. Wipe your wand with a clean cloth or with some wood polish to maintain its appearance.


Store your wand in a cool, dry environment.

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