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Horn Metal Holder - Black - Large
Horn Metal Holder - Black - Large
Item no: 201902
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EAN Number:5704742503007
Brand:Epic Armoury
Type:Dining Gear
Weight:453 grams / 15,98 oz
Release Date:08-06-2020

The great chiefs have gathered together to discuss war. You are hoping to convince the other chiefs to join together as allies, and so you intend to impress them.

Filling your Chieftain Drinking Horn full, you raise it high and declare the many great deeds of your people. Soon you are expounding, too, the great deeds of the other tribes. Before long all are merry and acting as brothers and sisters. It is good, and you drink deep from your horn, before placing it on your horn holder


Epic Armoury’s Horn Metal holder is designed to hold the large variety of horns that Epic Armoury has available. Use the horn holder to show off your drinking horn or have them on display in your camp. Made from miled steel with a black coating to make it functional and stylish with a twisted finish to make it look like wrought iron. The perfect companion piece to both your drinking horn and your signal horn.


  • Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to use drinking horns
  • The ancient Greek term for a drinking horn was simply keras, which means ‘horn’
  • Drinking horns were used for ritual and ceremony purposes throughout the Middle Ages
  • Most Viking Age drinking horns were likely made from domestic cattle, while some might have been larger and made from an auroch

Your horn holder is made from mild steel that has been coated with a black paint and twisted and finished to make it look like wrought iron, with a three point stand that create a perfect balance.

In order to best care for your genuine horn product, please avoid washing it in the dishwasher or with strong solvents, detergents, and/or chemicals. Use mild soap and lukewarm water, and towel dry immediately after washing. Do not microwave your horn or use it for hot liquids, as this can melt the inner coating and extreme temperature swings can cause the horn to crack. Avoid rubbing your horn against sharp objects, as its surface can scratch. Keep your horn out of extreme heat or cold.

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