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Rogue Corset - Black - Brown - M
Rogue Corset - Black - Brown - M
Item no: 11050150
Your price : LoginRRP: 169,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742406476
Brand:Epic Armoury
Colour:Brown / Dark Brown
Fittings:Buckles and Tie Strings
Size:720 gram / 25,4 oz
Weight:720 grams / 25,4 oz
Back Length:51,0
Front Length:26,0
Neck Width:14,0
Chest Width:43,0
Waist Width:40,0
Armhole Width:19,5
Shoulder Width:32,0
Material 1:Top-grain leather
Material 2:Aluminium
Treatment 1:Vegetable Tanned
Release Date:06-05-2015

The street is a hard place to conduct business, but itís a way of life youíve become very good at keeping. You have a reputation as one of the deadliest rogues in the city, with knife skills to rival even the King of Thieves. Heís actually a close friend of yours.

Those who donít know any better think you are simply a pretty face, and those poor olí saps usually donít escape with coin left in their purse.


Epic Armouryís Rogue Corset is a leather underbust designed to protect the abdomen while making you look and feel confident surviving the cut throat streets. The corsetís fit is highly adjustable thanks to the leather cord lacing down the back, as well as the canvas straps along the sides, shoulders, and along the front. The leather bodice is embellished with canvas accents against the full-grain leather. With regular leather care, you can expect the Rogue Corset to last a long time. Use this corset to create an intimidating statement or add some interest to your kit.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large; and in colours Black/Brown and Brown/Beige.


  • Typically used as an undergarment through history, made from fabric and bone
  • Metal corsets were invented during the 16th century, the closest historical evidence of womenís corsets being used as potential armour
  • Corset armour has gained popularity through fiction and fantasy literature

  • Made from natural, full-grain quality leather
  • Straps and fittings made from natural, top-grain quality leather
  • Top-grain leather fittings
  • Stitching around edges strengthen structural stability and increase lifetime
  • Colours dyed into material
  • Handmade by qualified professionals. Measurements are approximations.

Natural leather products are very durable, but require regular maintenance with leather care products to stay flexible and to increase life-time. Make sure your leather products are kept dry when stored. Let wet leather dry naturally before treating. If frequently wet and dry, increase frequency of maintenance.


Clean by removing dirt with a hard brush, then gently rub on leather soap with a clean, damp cloth until the leather appears clean. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth to wipe away any soap residue and then use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water from the leather.


You should always condition leather after cleaning, since the soap will have removed some of its natural oils. Treat the leather with mink oil, olive oil, or beeswax polish with a clean cloth, gently rubbing a small amount of oil or polish in circles into the leather. Allow the leather to soak in the oil before wiping the leather with a final clean cloth to remove any excess residue.

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