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Metal Works

Epic Armoury LARP metal works includes both fantasy inspired armory as well as armor inspired by medieval designs. Our range includes anything you need from helmets, chainmail, bracers, greaves, gauntlets, and other single armor pieces, to full suits of armor, suitable for the most heavily armored knight.

Epic Armoury LARP Metal Works are designed with the player in mind; it is comfortable to wear and maintains the wearer’s mobility. We focus on strengthening the metal by creating designs that support the shape and stiffness of the material, thus keeping it light and strong enough to withstand the roughest of LARP battles. We use 20 to 16 gauge/1-1,8 mm mild steel for our armor parts and helmets.

Our armors can be purchased as single pieces to support your costume or as complete sets defining your character’s look. You can customize our armors by using pieces from different styles to match your character, whether it is a knight or an evil henchman. Remember your gambeson to support your armor and make it more comfortable to wear in battle.

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