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Dark Moon

Dark Moon gear is intended for modern, future and post-apocalyptic LARPs. Some Dark Moon LARP weapons are improvised like clubs, bricks, pipes, and the sewer shield, whereas others are intended as weapons like the vibro weapons, knuckleduster, baton, and the chain sword. Regardless whether you are fighting zombies after a post-apocalyptic breakdown, invading aliens, or nuclear mutants, everything in this world will be used as a weapon to get the upper hand.

The technical construction of Dark Moon LARP weapons is always designed with safety in mind. Latex weapons are constructed by layers of foam, and injection moulded weapons are made by an expanding foam that is injected or poured into a mould. Both types of weapons have common properties as they are centered on a fiberglass core that provides the weapon with stiffness, and flexibility for the userís comfort and control. Weapons with a fiberglass core have the ability to absorb impact and hereby minimize the force of the blow. All Dark Moon LARP weapons with a core are secured by a Kevlar or tube tip protection.

If you need to arm your character, Dark Moon is the right place. The future is bleak, hopeless, and dark. To survive in this world, make sure your guard is up, and your weapons are ready. Make your choice and fight to survive yet another night.

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