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Epic Armoury LARP clothing provides Larpers with a base to build and design their costumes on. The range includes costume parts for men and women alike. It ranges from items like tunics, shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, capes, hoods, tabards, robes, and gambesons, to cloth purses and belts. Among the costume parts we have basic items to be the inner layer of a costume as well as more detailed pieces that can easily form most of the costume on their own.

LARP is much more than battleground action, and therefore Epic Armoury LARP clothing has designed a great basic range of clothing usable for any fantasy or medieval-like purpose. Constructed with a focus on practicality, design and common sense, our products will make you look great and keep you comfortable.

Our designs are unique, stylish, fun, and suitable for your LARP from historical medieval or renaissance style to high fantasy. We are proud of our clothing range that continually grows ever more unique, and you will be happy to see that quality comes at a very reasonable price.

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