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Leather Crafts

Epic Armoury LARP leather crafts include costume parts and practical medieval items like belts, pouches, bags, bracers, greaves, and armors for both torso and shoulders. It also includes holders for LARP weapons and even full scabbards for our LARP swords, so you donít have to drag your weapons by hand during an entire LARP.

We use the best suitable leather for each design and style. We thus provide the LARPer with a well-designed, cost competitive and unique product. We are really proud of our leather craft skills, and we are determined to remain proud of all of our future designs.

With the Epic Armoury leather crafts you have endless possibilities to customize your costume in whatever manner you desire. In our broad array of designs, many items have snares, eyelets, and rings for your customization. We strive to supply you with whatever leather items you need to complete your fantasy style costume. 

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