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One Mast Tent - Natural
One Mast Tent - Natural
Item no: LZ-507500-01
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EAN Number:5704742007024
Brand:Epic Armoury
Weight:21000 grams / 740,75 oz
Center Height:220,0
Area m2:9,5
Release Date:01-03-2012
This product is an order on demand product, and will be shipped seperately from other products. The stock level is not entirely updated, so please contact for availability and delivery time on the tent.

There’s nothing quite like the open road and the wind at your back. For a countryside adventurer who enjoys the weather, all you need is a good pair of boots and this natural coloured One Mast tent to keep out the rain during the wet season.

You don’t believe in carrying a lot of extraneous bits and bobs. As far as you’re concerned, if you can’t carry it on a belt or under your arm, you don’t need it.


The One Mast is a tent created by Larp-Zelte, a tent manufacturer known for their attention to detail and historical accuracy. Made from 100% cotton, this tent has been treated against water, mold and rot. Designed to accommodate up to 2 people, it is 3.5 meters in diameter with a 2.20 meter center height. It’s one center pole allows for easy and simple construction, and sloping sides create a lot of interior space to safely store personal items.

The One Mast requires little space to set-up, and can be easily transported. Included with the tent are 2 divisible standing poles and 16 small pegs. The groundsheet is not included.


  • One of the oldest form of medieval tent
  • Style is still used today for modern tents
  • Designed to be used in small spaces, including the forest

  • Made from 100% cotton (350g/mē)
  • Fabric has been treated against water, mold and rot
  • Handmade by qualified professional. Measurements are approximations and may vary

As a heavy duty fabric, this heavy canvas product is stronger and heavier than simple cotton. While it has been treated against water, it will require retreatment as needed.

Cleaning and General Care

Clean dirt off the canvas with a brush. Refrain from washing, as this will remove the waterproof treatment.

After use, make sure to dry the tent completely before folding and storing in a dry place. This will help to resist any potential mold.

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