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UV Flash Orange
UV Flash Orange
Item no: EE300
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EAN Number:5704742004399
Brand:Epic Effect
Type:Effect Lenses
Size:Ø 14,5 mm
Weight:37 grams/1,31 oz
Material 1:pHEME
Release Date:01-09-2012
The lifetime of Epic Effect contact lenses is 90 days after the sealed packaging has been opened.

The hour is late as you stroll down the neon lit street, passing the busy clubs and bars. You are looking for the perfect mark, the opportune moment. You finally choose a densely packed dance club, slipping inside past the bouncer.

Your eyes flash orange beneath the UV lights, unveiling your glamour. You meld into the crowd, hidden amongst the mortals while you creep close to your prey. A vampire has entered the club tonight.


Epic Effects’ UV Flash Orange lenses are soft and comfortable silicone lenses designed to cover your natural iris colour and disguise it with a bright orange colour that glows under UV light. Go the extra step and disguise your out-of-game appearance in favor of your character.

These contact lenses are made to be comfortable, allowing your eyes to breathe and making it possible to be used for long periods. With careful maintenance, these lenses can be used many times.

Epic Effects’ Effect Lenses are not meant to change your vision and do not require a prescription. UV Flash lenses work well with any color eyes, and glow when exposed to UV light.

  • Great cosmetic effect with little influence on sight
  • Safe to use
  • High oxygen permeability minimizes stress of the eye and potential complications
  • Leading industry-standard silicone-polymer is compatible with human eye chemistry
  • Soft contact lenses change shape with wear to fit individual and improve wearer's experience
  • High-strength lense with multiple reuses and 90-days endurance
  • Used by professional makeup artists in theatre and movie industries

Remember to read the instructions before use.

Use and treat Epic Effect contact lenses like any other type of contact lenses. If you are in doubt, talk to a professional optician before using Epic Effect contact lenses. Check for defects and make sure the lenses are clean and moist before use and discard defective or dry lenses. Do not wear the contact lenses while sleeping or in environments where foreign bodies can easily get in the eye.

Never use Epic Effect lenses if your eyes are irritated or bloodshot. Always let a professional demonstrate the appropriate techniques of contact lens maintenance.

Cleaning and Storage

Properly clean and store the contact lenses after each use with optician-approved cleaning solutions and methods. The lifetime of the Epic Effect contact lenses is 90 days after the sealed packaging has been opened.

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