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UV Flash Red
UV Flash Red
Item no: EE029
Your price : LoginRRP : 25,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742003644
Brand:Epic Effect
Type:Contact Lenses
Size: 14,5 mm
Weight:37 gram / 1.31 oz
Material 1:pHEME
Release Date:01-09-2012
The lifetime of Epic Effect contact lenses is 90 days after the sealed packaging has been opened.

The hour is late as you stroll down the neon lit street, passing the busy clubs and bars. You are looking for the perfect mark, the opportune moment. You finally choose a densely packed dance club, slipping inside past the bouncer.

Your eyes f

  • Great cosmetic effect with little influence on sight
  • Safe to use
  • High oxygen permeability minimizes stress of the eye and potential complications
  • Leading industry-standard silicone-polymer is compatible wi

Remember to read the instructions before use.

Use and treat Epic Effect contact lenses like any other type of contact lenses. If you are in doubt, talk to a professional optician before using Epic Effect contact lenses. Check for defects and make

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