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Elven Ears - Small - English/French
Elven Ears - Small - English/French
Item no: 514002 ENG-FR
Your price : LoginRRP : 10,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742003705
Brand:Epic Effect
Colour:Light Skin
Weight:10 gram / 0.35 oz
Material 1:Latex
Release Date:01-02-2016
This product is under development. The price is the expected price, and not binding. By placing an order you indicate what you expect to purchase in your first order. You can show your trusted customers these pictures, but please do not distribute them.

Your Small Elven Ears hear the rustle of footsteps behind you. A smile crosses your delicate lips as you realize a stranger is attempting to sneak up on someone as lithe and alert as you. You are the kindred of the immortals, having honed your skill

  • Excellent fit, as the prosthetics are modeled on real people
  • Designed with large contact surfaces for a more durable and easy fit
  • Slim edges for a more believable blend
  • Unpainted to allow easy customizatio

Remove prosthetics carefully and rinse off all glue, wax and make-up with Mastix Spirit Gum Remover and lukewarm water. Store dry in a dark and cool place.

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