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RFB Errant
RFB Errant
Item no: 442206
Your price : LoginRRP : 59,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742105508
Brand:Ready For Battle - Hybrids
Weight:230 gram / 8.11 oz
Grip Length:10
Blade Length:58
Blade Width:5
Crossguard Widt:10
Handle Circ:9
Release Date:14-11-2017

It’s a new day, the air crisp and the sun bright on the horizon. It was a long night of battle and you feel the exhaustion deep within your bones--but the sun and the hope that it brings does wonders to refuel your soul.


  • Blade has a strong latex coating with a round fibreglass core
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Blade is made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred
  • Handle is a polyurethane foam cast, giving it

This hybrid weapon’s handle does not require any special maintenance, while the blade has a latex coating which needs a certain degree of maintenance. For this we recommend using maintenance silicone, which can be purchased separately in the LARP

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