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Orc Spear
Orc Spear
Item no: 402826
Your price : LoginRRP : 159,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742103078
Brand:Epic Armoury
Core:ō 16 mm hollow fiberglass
Handle:Round foam handle
Weight:800 gram / 28.22 oz
Grip Length:110
Blade Length:70
Blade Width:18
Material 1:Soft EVA Foam
Material 2:Latex
Release Date:01-07-2012
This product is handmade and/or hand-painted and therefore unique. As a result, the products can have natural deviations in patterns, colors and shapes, which are not considered defects or faults. Measurements are all in cm if not stated otherwise.

War is all that you know. For your clan, war is a permanent state of being. Just as you need meat to sustain you and leather armour to protect your leathery green skin, war keeps your thirst for chaos and violence sated.

Your clan now gathers to prepare for the war against the goblins. The creatures used to be your allies, but in the last battle they became cowardly and ran. Now there is nothing more to be done than to hunt down every one of them and serve them over your fire.

You begin by picking up your Orc Spear.


Epic Armouryís Orc Spear is a 190 cm latex weapon specifically designed as part of the Orc Universe. The spearís 70 cm blade is large and triangular, sculpted and handpainted to appear attached to a wooden pole with red leather ties. The weapon is designed to look worn and realistic, notched from years of battle and abuse.

Made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that your LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


  • A form of the spear has been used for hunting for at least 400,000 years
  • Spears were the most common form of weaponry during the Stone Age, and remained popular until firearms were introduced
  • This particular design is similar to a glaive, where a single-edged blade is attached to the end of a pole

  • Strong latex coating with a round fibre glass core
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Made from durable closed cell foam that does not shred
  • High safety

All latex-coated weapons need a certain degree of maintenance. For this we recommend using maintenance silicone which can be purchased separately in the LARP Accessories section. Epic Armoury Maintenance Silicone is an easy, spray-on application, 100% pure and acid-free making it safe to apply. We recommend using Maintenance Silicone on a regular basis. It keeps the latex-coat flexible and prevents it from drying out keeping the product wear and tear resistant.

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